Interactive kinetic robot exhibit


MESO Digital Interiors commissioned me to develop the communication and interaction design and the complete software implementation in vvvv. The result is an abstract high dynamic drive on a display to explain BMW’s xDrive Technology with two contrary and usually independent movements – The animated route on the display and a robot moving a car smoooothly on that animation.

Interaction Design, Realtime Graphics
Studio Brüll, Ingolf Heinsch

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

Lead Agency
Ins Glück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH

NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik, Frankfurt

Creative Direction
Tamschick Media & Space, Marc Tamschick
Art Direction: Dirk Ostkamp

Music: not a machine, Stefan Will/Nikolaus Grünert
Laser: laserfabrik, Daniel Brune
Photos: Tamschick Media & Space
Documentation Video: Tamschick Media & Space


FAMAB Award 2017, Silver
Cross/ Best Interactive Installation
EXHIBITOR Magazine's Expo Award, Gold
Best Interpretation of Theme
Best Pavilion
Best Activity Interactive
BIE Award (Bureau Internationale des Expositions), Gold