Interactive kinetic robot exhibit

M Sculpture

A kinetic chromium-plated biest is located in the centre of a geodesic LED sphere which serves as a drawing stage. We designed a piece with harmonic sychronized movements of robot, animations in the sphere and the touch interactions. MESO Digital Interiors commissioned me to produce this interactive exhibit and to direct the mixed media implementation in VVVV.

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The spectator interacts with the robot in realtime by touching the display. Through its choreographed movements, the robot becomes the storyteller about features of the new BMW M5.
The main focus of the interaction design had been on giving the robot an organic and unique human like character. After more than a year’s development with MESO, the Real-time Robotic Motion Library enabled the robot to behave with human characteristics, such as breathing, excitement, or relaxation. See project page for more details. This is one piece of a row of exhibits for BMW, that use industrial robots to do brand communication by becoming a character by its kinetic movements.

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Interaction Design, Software Production Lead
David Brüll



Concept Lead

Mutabor Design

MESO Digital Interiors

Documentation Video
MESO Digital Interiors

Red Dot Design Grand Prix 2012,
ADC Silver 2013 ,
German Design Award 2014